Best Business Voip Providers

Voice over IP (VOIP) is a process of delivering mass communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet. VOIP services started in 2004 and after 2004, the demand for VOIP services is growing every year because of the reasonable prices projected by the providers.

The main reason for cheaper costs is because of the usage of the broad internet for communication. With the help of VOIP, we can place and receive telephone calls in the same manner as we use the regular telephone network. We can also place international calls to any country with the help of VOIP phones and broadband internet access.

Instead of VOIP phones, Softphone applications can be installed on a computer with internet access along with the microphone, speaker or headset. Softphone application can have a dial pad where a user can operate the application by mouse clicks or keyword input.

Below are some best VOIP providers in the market:

Best Voip Providers

1) RingCentral Professional

We can build our ideal VOIP system with the help of RingCentral. Ring Central brings to table nearly every feature we look for in VOIP providers. From basic calling functions such as voicemail, contact list, favorites to sophisticated auto-receptionist that can easily set up custom greetings for callers during and after office hours.

Bonus features include cloud faxing from your desktop or your smartphone. For busy professionals, RingCentral offers an excellent business VOIP system.RingCentral is an excellent service for business professionals and substantial home users. It charges for calls out of the United States including Puerto Rico.

With great mobile functionality and features designed specifically for small and medium businesses, RingCentral provides a flexible and well-rounded VOIP solution.

2) PhonePower

The Phonepower is the best voice IP service provider delivering excellent plans and features. Phonepower provides well-rounded VOIP service with robust features, impressive customer satisfaction and wide-ranging functionality.

Phonepower offers the unlimited world and unlimited plans for US and Canada. Phonepower covers 75 different countries, and its world plans vary in price. You can receive excellent discounts if you choose an annual or two-year plan, but the cancellation fee is much higher when you compare with other VOIP providers. Phonepower offers a 30-day money back guarantee for various Phonepower plans.

3) is one the best VOIP service providers on the market. It has domestic and international plans that work for homes and small businesses. All plans offer a free second line with over 45 calling features. It has mobile, and softphone capabilities included with a fabulous customer service. It also has high cancellation’s plans have unlimited calling to the US and Canada. This provider offers minute by minute rates or a global plan with unlimited minutes to 75 nations.

The installation is easy, all you have to do is connect your phone to the internet cable. You can also download the software for your computer softphone. This provider has a very excellent customer service by phone and email.

4) Broadvoice

Broadvoice delivers great VOIP services with many features. This provider offers great service plans. The cancellation fee varies depending the duration of the account, but the account comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Most of the international plans have unlimited minutes but the plans vary based on the number of nations serviced.

The internet service provider has numerous options. These suppliers offer installation and troubleshooting information specific to the devices. They provide excellent email support and live help from the technician.

5) Vonage

Vonage VOIP service is easy to set up. This service provider offers great VOIP for local and long distance and international calling. Vonage has emerged as industry pioneer from the early days of VOIP technology. It provides services for residences and small businesses. The popularity of the VOIP services has given rise to many competitors, but Vonage remains one of the largest and most well-known VOIP providers. Vonage offers deep discounts for signing up for an annual plan. Vonage competes with high ranking VOIP providers in terms of call forwarding, call block, call transfer, and speed dial.

Getting Started with Vonage:

Vonage Extensions:

Best ways to avoid rental fees with Vonage:

You can also set up a home business phone line with Vonage:

You can set up your own office with multiple phone lines with Vonage:

Setting up of your VOIP service with Vonage is very easy and its a three step process. It just involves connecting the phone adapter with the high-speed internet connection. The Vonage website provides useful customer forums, contact information, and online video tutorials.

These are some of the best VOIP providers in the market. Vonage is the best choice among the top 5 list if you take the cost and setup into consideration.




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