10 Best Practices for Leadership

Effective Leadership that can drive results can take any company to the next level.The success and failure of any organization mainly depend on the leader who is leading the teams. The prime function of the leader is to motivate the employees and develop effective communication strategies to avoid communication gaps.

Best Practices For Leadership

Here are some best practices for successful leadership:

1)Selection of the right people:

Selecting right people for the right jobs is very critical which means that the person should not only have the required skillset but also get along with the team and the culture of the organization.

2)Listen and understand your employees:

Listening and understanding employees plays a vital role in connecting and motivating the employees.

3) Communication:

Communication builds relationships and trust in your teams. Its critical for managers to give time and space for employees to speak out their concerns and ask questions whenever needed. All leaders must effectively communicate roles and responsibilities of their teams in a concise manner. An effective leader is also a good listener who understands the strengths and weakness of his team members.

4) Leading by example:

It’s critical to practice and implement things before you start teaching because this will turn as the motivating factor for your employees. Leading by example can take the leadership to the next level.

5) Delegating the responsibilities:

It is very necessary to let your employees take the ownership of their work rather than assigning them tasks to complete. Micromanagement can sometimes lead to new problems.

6) Be positive:

It’s always better to tell employees what you want them to do rather what you do not require them to do. Whenever you comment on the bad performance, it’s always better to use actual observations to demonstrate the concern and the behaviors rather than criticize their personalities and judging them at the personal level.

7) Rewarding your employees:

All always appreciate your employees whenever they perform well at their jobs. In some companies, the managers take their team members out for lunch. If their employees are doing well, they may put a request for pay raise immediately which is one form of rewarding.

8) Development your team:

It’s very critical to coach and help your team to succeed. Show them the right path and solutions to reach their targets assigned. This strategy will empower your team because their difficulties are converted into learning opportunities.

9) Encourage Creativity:

Always encourage and Innovation and creativity at work. It’s very crucial for your team members to think out of the box and come up with new solutions. Google provides one day a week for every employee for innovation.Google also allows their employees to use 20 percent of their time on implementing their independent projects. By executing their ideas, their productivity will also increase.

10) Flexibility:

Great managers have a flexible approach which means that they allow their team to work in their style. This strategy will not only improve the team’s performance but also the retention of the employees will increase.

These are some of the best practices followed in leadership.

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