Career Development Process: All You Need To Know About Career Development Process

Career development process is a continuous ongoing process of improvement. There are few actions to be followed in the career development process so that any individual looking for a great profession will not fail in life.

These steps play a very vital role in anyone’s life because if any person takes wrong decisions at the early stages, then he more likely to face troubles at the later stages of his life.

Career Development Process

Some of the Steps in Career Development Process are:

1) Identify your passion

2) Self-Assessment and Career Awareness

3) Career exploration by understanding Career Fields

4) Get Focused

5)  Take Action

6)  Career Maintenance

1) Identify your passion:

Here are few ways you can identify your passion.

A) Can you think of something you talk about all day without getting tired?

B) What is that you always like to learn about every day.

C) What are the services of the professions excite you the most in life?

D) Make a list of dreams you want to achieve in life before you die.

E) What kind of problems you good at in solving.

F) What is that you are always excited about, once you find it out follow your excitement.

2) Self-Assessment and Career Awareness:

Any career decision you take becomes successful only if you are aware of your personal style, interests, abilities, and skills. In this stage, any individual learns about the kind of jobs available in community and kind of jobs their parents and relatives are doing.

It is important to find out what kind of tasks they are performing and what tools they are using so that they can learn more about their job duties.

3) Career exploration by understanding Career Fields:

It is essential to explore what kind of career fields and occupations fit your unique style, interests, and skills. In this step, you can take the help of books and Internet to find out more information about career fields.

You can either do research on online resources, interviews with successful people, internships and networking with professionals in your career area. You can use Vault and linkedIn for this purpose.

You can use online job searching databases such as Indeed to learn about the types of jobs available for your kind of career interests. Attend various career fairs conducted by companies, so that you can talk to many employers in a short span of time.

You can present them with resume, and you can introduce yourself. You can also schedule an appointment with your career counselor to identify more careers with your areas of interests. You can learn more about internships and develop a career plan.

4) Get Focused:

In this stage, you can gain skills through internships, co-ops, summer jobs, volunteer activities, service-learning and career fairs. Now it is time evaluate and select options that meet your criteria. Develop a map and a plan that will help you reach your career goals. Once you made a decision, you are ready for your job search. A research revealed that it usually takes six months of regular job search to find a position that fits your education and career goals.

5) Take Action:

Start taking action by building your professional network and build a resume according to industry standards. Start applying for jobs and practice taking mock interviews. Develop a job search plan with the help of your career counselor. Start using job search tool, connect with your employers and gain real-time experience.

6) Career Maintenance:

This stage follows after getting a suitable job and settling down in the job. During this period, an employee gets comfortable with his job duties and co-workers. The skills required to maintain employment depend on getting along with co-workers, customer, and clients. Updating your knowledge and your work related skills to perform well at your workplace plays a significant role to meet the productivity standards.

Learning social skills is very necessary for an employee to keep their jobs because if co-workers and customers do not like an employee then the growth and maintaining employment within that company also becomes complicated.

7) Career Development process explained in detail:

8) Career development process at University of St. Thoma, Minnesota

Career development process plays a critical role in deciding the future of every college graduate and employees. These are some of the steps to be followed to grow and advance in your career.


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