Career Development: Innovative Approaches For Career Development Professionals

Career development professionals work with people of all ages. The goal of these career services is to help people to obtain work that is personally meaningful to them and help them survive in the ever changing labor market.

Career development is a continuous process of managing your life, learning and work. It involves developing skills, knowledge and building expertise that enable you to make best decisions about your education, training, and career choices. It is more about how you want to live your life.

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Career development can not be summed up in one decision because it is not just something one decides to become in life and what education to pursue to achieve that goal. That is not the end of the story; the real story is entirely different because it involves multiple chapters with different goals, tasks, outcomes and transitions that take place across the lifespan of every individual.

During the early childhood, career growth is all about exploring the future options in a very broad sense. But later in the adolescence, career development is all about exposure, experience, and development of career management and employability skills. These skills are refined, expanded and deployed to satisfy the ever changing needs labor market throughout the work history of every individual.

Current levels of youth unemployment, job dissatisfaction and mental claims in workplace suggest the need for every person understand the need for career counseling. If this process is carried out well, then you can be prepared to face the reality of your choices, and you are clear why that choice is right for you. This step can increase your motivation and success in life.

They can provide direct service in the area of career education, career guidance, Employment Counseling, Human Resource development, career management, Training to improve employability skills and work related areas.

These career services can found in different places such as college and university career centers, community-based agencies, outplacement organization, private career service firms and independent practitioners.

Core Competencies needed for Career development professionals:

Core competencies are the skills, knowledge and attitude common to all career development professionals.People providing career services need to have certain skills like documenting the client interactions and progress, collect and analyze information, convey information clearly through speaking and writing.

These professionals also need to have certain knowledge related to career development models and theories, the change process and transition stages, components of career planning process.

To demonstrate this competency, career service professionals must follow Code of Ethics, Ethical Decision Making Models. The other way of demonstrating competency to follow the following steps:

1) Must deliver accurate information presented by the assessment tools.
2) Must be adaptable to the new way of doing things and react positively to change.
3) Be direct and honest about the advice.
4) Be very attentive when listening to others.
5) Must work with clients to produce solutions.
6) Must be confident and be willing to take calculated risks.
7) Must be determined to work through challenging situations.
8) Must respond to the feelings, attitudes and concerns of other people
9) Must answer sincerely to others.
10) Must develop innovative solutions
11) Must motivate and encourage people to believe in their abilities.
12) Give consideration to different perspectives and examine new trends before making judgments.
13) Be Optimistic by promoting hope and positive outlook and provide encouragement.
14) Be proactive by anticipating the future and plan for future trends, problems, and opportunities.
15) Must follow through with commitments and recognize professional boundaries.
16) Be self-motivated, sensitive, supportive and trustworthy.

These are some of the ways career development professionals can improve their services with their clients.

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