Competency Mapping: Best Innovative approaches in Competency Mapping process

Competency mapping is the process of analyzing an employee’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to improve his career growth. This process will identify the gap for enhancing the knowledge and excel in the career.

Competency Mapping In Recruitment

Organizations that are planning to establish highly effective and efficient force must develop competency mapping technique, but according to the research most organizations fail to recognize the competencies of employees.

The Competency mapping process is intended to measure and assess individual and group performance capabilities of employees. It is used to identify key attributes such as knowledge, skills and attitude that required to perform a job efficiently and effectively that results in outstanding performance at work.

Competency refers to the cluster of related knowledge, skills and abilities that meets the performance of an employee. In other words, competencies are characteristics and goals that excellent performers achieve in more complex situations with better outcomes than average performers.

The most challenging task for any HR professional is place best people in right jobs. A small wrong move on the HR part can mean lost productivity for the company, high training bills incurred during the training period and damaging lawsuits brought by disgruntled ex-employees.

Competency Mapping is a process through which emotional intelligence and strength of an individual in areas like leadership and decision making are determined.

Competencies can be classified into four categories:

1) Technical and Functional Competencies ( Knowledge, attitude, and skills related to technology and functional expertise)

2) Managerial Competency (Knowledge, attitude, and skills required to plan various resources)

3) Human Competency ( Knowledge, attitude, and skills needed to develop and motivate human resources)

4) Conceptual Competency ( ability to visualize the invisible and plan future business).

Some of the innovative approaches in Competency Mapping are:

1) Behavioral Interview:

It is a structured interview that is used to collect information about the past behavior. Since we can predict future behavior using past performance, the behavioral interview tries to uncover the past performances by asking open-ended questions.

Each inquiry serves the interviewer to learn about your past performances. This kind of discussion is usually a face-face interview.

This interview can be conducted using the star technique. The three questions asked using the STAR method are:

1) What was the Situation you were required?

2) What was the Task you were required to accomplish?

3) What are the Actions to took to complete the task?

2) Critical Incident Approach:

The employee is asked to focus on more than one critical incidents in which they have experienced personally. This method used Content Analysis method that covers entire spectrum of job-relevant abilities including reasoning and social skills offered in various formats:

1) Multiple choice questions that are computer based or paper based.

2) Structured Interviews

3) Bio-data questionnaires

4) Job Knowledge Tests

5) Social Skills Tests

6) Language learning ability Tests

7) Physical Performance Tests

8) Professional Examinations for managers and Executives

9) Complete documentation of development process and validity analysis.

3) Assessment Center Exercises:

The Assessment Center covers a variety of exercises like oral exercises, counseling simulations, problem analysis, interview simulations, role play exercises, written analysis exercises. These Assessment Centers allow candidates to demonstrate their skills through a plenty of job-related situations.

4) 360-degree feedback:

In Human Resource Industry, 360-degree feedback refers multi-rater feedback, and 360 degree refers to a circle. This feedback comes from subordinates, co-workers and managers in the organizational hierarchy.

It also includes external sources such as clients, suppliers, and other interested stakeholders. The results of 360-degree feedback strategy are frequently used for training and development of employees.

Some organizations use these feed backs for giving promotions and increasing the pay structure of workers.

5) Understanding Competency mapping:

6) Great Software for Competency Mapping and And Assessment:

These are some of best innovative approaches in Competency Mapping. In the overall perspective, Competency mapping plays a vital role in accessing the employee’s capabilities.


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