7 Effects Of Workplace Bullying On Productivity

Workplace bullying can have a high impact on job productivity. This form of bullying can be off as verbal abuse, psychological, physical abuse, humiliation, shouting at an employee, targeting a particular person, unjustified criticism, being excluded from the team, too much of micromanagement, unrealistic deadlines and contributions of an employee purposefully ignored.

Workplace Bullying,Direct Costs,Indirect Costs,depression,stress related disease,loss of concentration,poor memory

Some of the effects of workplace bullying are:

1) Direct Costs: 

The Direct costs involved in workplace bullying include recruitment and training for new employees, high legal fees, settlement expenditures and hiring temporary staff to fill the vacancy for short durations to complete the unfinished work.

2)Indirect Costs: 

The Indirect costs involved in workplace bullying include lower productivity, high absenteeism, and stressful environment. Job dissatisfaction, physical and mental stress can hurt the Workplace productivity.

3)Sick Leaves:

A survey shows that employees bullied waste 20%-50% of their time defending themselves by looking for support and thinking about the situation. They might even get demotivated and stressed out with the problems. These employees can even take sick leaves due to stress related problems.

4)Corrupted Work Environment:

Workplace bullies can corrupt the work environment with fear, anger and anxiety. Although some aggressive employees manage to make news by exposing the employer, most cases of workplace bullying manage to remain silent without exposing the company.

5) Serious Depression:

The workplace bullying can result in serious depression, which can even destroy their personal life and job performance. The prime effects are stress, exhaustion, insecurity, poor concentration and sleepless nights. Many studies show that these bullies can have an adverse impact on the employees as well as the entire organisation.

6) Stress Related Disease:

Even stress related disease and health complications occur due to prolonged exposure of bullying. Some physical indications of stress are headaches, Uncontrollable Crying, Chest Pain, Rapid Breathing, high Blood Pressure and Rapid Heartbeat. Some of the health-related symptoms include heart attack, panic attacks, sleep disruption, loss of concentration and poor memory, uncontrollable mood swings and eating disorder.

7)Severe Impact On the Company:

Workplace Bullying can have a severe impact on an organisation. Since the employees are less motivated productivity also reduces. No employee will come up with new ideas when they are irritated. Quality employees will not stick to the company for a longer period.

These are some major causes and effects of Workplace Bullying on Productivity. These problems must be addressed in the company at the initial stages.

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