How To Deal With Micromanagers?

Micromanagement is a primary source of frustration in most work environments. Most bosses micromanage because they say that some employees are not accountable and do not deliver the quality of work required in the project.

How To Deal With Micromanagers

On the other hand, employees feel the pain because their bosses do not trust and empower them to showcase their best talent.

Here are some ways you can deal with the micromanager:

1) Take a look at yourself:

First take a look at yourself. Are you doing anything that is causing your boss to micromanage you? Do you come to work on time? Do you do your job well and do you irritate your boss in any way? Could there be anything that you are doing that is eliciting a micromanaging style from your boss?

2) Never irritate your boss:

Find out what irritates or annoys your boss, and do not provoke him. You can do this by objectively observing the way he interacts with you and with others. You might want to consider writing your findings down to help you to remember them.

3) Observe your boss:

Observe the way your boss manages and communicates with other coworkers. You need to find out his style with other colleagues and analyze the way he communicates with you. Pay particular attention to the traits and behaviors your coworkers use in front of your boss. Then you can decide later if there are any of your colleagues habits or behaviors that you want to emulate and see if it makes a difference for you.

4) Don’t gossip in Your Office:

Do not say anything negatively about your boss in the office no matter how tempting it may be. These comments may get back to him since you do not know your bosses relationships with others in the company. Never get into an argument with your boss because it may lead formal action like giving a poor review to you which could result in your termination from the company.

5) Micromanage your Manager:

Try micromanaging your boss by Scheduling a meeting with your boss to agree in detail what you will be doing. Let him make all of the decisions on your behalf and do your job exactly the way he expects and then revert to him.

He will eventually get tired of you coming to them for everything and back off. Occasionally ask him if he would prefer you do more things more by yourself instead of bothering him every time.

6) Give feedback to you boss:

Give feedback to your boss about his management style by telling him how it is making you feel about work. Most managers do not intentionally try to micromanage their employees. When it is brought to their notice, then some things might change. But use this approach as the last resort because some managers feel comfortable and they might get embarrassed.

7) Start looking for a new job:

If above strategies mentioned, do not work the start looking for a new job by updating your resume with current experience and apply for new jobs on job portals.

8) Some more ways to deal with micromanager:

9) Better ways to manage the micromanager by Expert and Mentor, Sarah Hathorn

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