How To Manage A Call Center Effectively?

Managing a call center efficiently, is one of the biggest challenges in BPO Industry. So it is critical to follow the best practices to increase the company brand and increase company loyalty. Employees who work in the call centers handle high volume complaints that can be very stressful. In addition to this stress, these employees are expected to answer a certain number of calls every hour.

how to manage a call center effectively

In order to manage the performance of these call center employees and improve the customer service, it is essential to follow the best practices below:

1) Hiring Good Talent:

Call Center Managers should spend sufficient time and energy into hiring best employees. They should bring employees with good communication, listening skills, sharp memory and enthusiastic attitude in getting things done.

2) Training and Development:

Once you have hired best employees in your job, training your employees is another strong metric to ensure high-quality customer service. Training must be principally focused on dealing with customer complaints and problem-solving abilities. When employees feel equipped to handle complaints then can handle every call with confidence. Usually, 50% of classes are based on theory, and 50% of the classes should be handling the real calls with their respective managers.

3) Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction should be the primary goal. The call center agents should get compensated for call resolution and high customer satisfaction scores and not for handling more calls. According to research, a fully satisfied customer would generate more business for any company rather than a somewhat satisfied customer.

4) Regular Evaluation:

The customer satisfaction reports should be shared with employees on a regular basis. It helps the agents to rectify their mistakes and improve their customer service. It is essential to organize training sessions for those who are unable to perform their best.

5) Manager-employee relationships:

Monitor manager-employee relationships regularly. All agents must be given an opportunity to presents their thoughts and views without any fear. This strategy will make them feel valued. To create such culture managers must interact with agents at the personal level to understand their problems and concerns.

6) Performance Incentives:

The performance incentives should depend on three factors:
A) Individual Performance
B) Performance judged against customer satisfaction scores and not just productivity.
C) Team based communications and rewards

7)Bonus and Incentives:

These incentives are paid to high performing employees and very popular in call center industry. These rewards can be in the form of profit sharing bonus, flexible hours and subsidized meals and gym membership.

8) Stress Management:

Managing stress is important because it is the main reason that causes absenteeism. Call centers that do not address workplace stress encounter high attrition rates.

Stress management techniques help to:

1) Decrease heart rate
2) Lower blood pressure
3) Slow breathing
4) Increase blood flow
5) Reduce Muscle Tension
6) Strengthen the immune system.

Stress management techniques improve:

1) Focus and concentration
2) Productivity
3) Mood
4) Memory
5) Frustration Tolerance

Few stress management techniques that Managers should train their call center employees to implement in their workplace:

1) Deep Breathing:

Take a few minutes every 1 hour to perform deep breathing. First close your eyes and sit up straight with the feet on your floor. Breath In or Inhale through the nose for four seconds and exhale through your nose for four seconds. Repeat this technique for four times. You can repeat this procedure through the day. It will huge impact on reducing your stress.

2) Engage your senses:

Thinking about something that went wrong can not help you in any way. Thinking about the past or worrying about the future can only increase stress. Focussing on what you want to accomplish in next 60 minutes can help you reach your goals.

You can take a small break and walk outside to engage all your senses. You can engage your senses by listening to sound like traffic, birds and trucks passing by your busy street. In this way, you can reduce your stress and start focusing on your tasks.

3) Crack jokes during the break time:

Cracking jokes and laughing is the natural way to reduce stress and improve your mood. You can watch funny youtube videos, funny quotes and read some funny jokes to reduce your stress levels.

4) Listen to some music:

Listening to your favorite music can also lower your blood pressure, reduce your heart beat rate and decrease your anxiety. Whenever you are on a break, you can listen to some great music to reduce your stress.

5) Go for a quick walk:

Exercise is another quick solution to increase your blood flow and more oxygen to your brain. You can go for a walk around your office premises and stretch out your body a bit to reduce stress.

6) Be Grateful:

Whenever you feel stressed, shift your focus on the things that make you happy. Take a minute to list the things you are grateful for in your life. Once you do this, you will attract only positive in your life.

These are the few techniques managers can use to train their employees because call center jobs are very stressful since agents have to deal with irate customers and clients. By following the above strategies, the performance of the employees can be increased significantly.


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