How To Prepare For An Interview?

Cracking the interview of your dream job can be a very tough and it needs lots of preparation. Every job seeker experiences difficulty depending on the type of company and the Industry vertical.

Below are few ways to prepare before you attend the interview and get the job of your dreams:

How To Prepare For An interview

1) Research your Organisation:

Research the company that has selected you for an interview. Try to learn about the about the company by visiting their website. This will help you answer questions and stand out from the crowd.Also, get in touch with the ex-employees and current employees of the organisation with the help of social networks like LinkedIn. Try to get their experiences with the company.

2) Be Early to the Interview and Never be Late:

Being Early to the Interview location at least 10-15 minutes will help you stay focused and relaxed.

3) Find out the details of the Interviewer:

You can do research by typing the name of the interviewer in LinkedIn and find out more about his experience and job duties so that you can prepare to face this kind of person.

4) Document Checklist:

You can make a document checklist like you experience letters, updated resume, passport size photos, your proofs related to past achievements and payslips. These are just a few essential documents but these documents change depending on the type of interview you are attending. Try to check your email for the latest updates because most companies email the checklist for the final interview.

5) Prepare your list for the most frequently asked questions and be prepared:

Ask your friends and colleagues to take mock interviews that resemble like a final interview. Also, try to answer the questions in front of the mirror to observe your body language.Compare your skills and qualifications along with job requirements and prepare valid responses on a worksheet.

Below is great video on frequently asked questions in the job interview:

6) Be confident and never let the stress dominate:

Never get nervous during the interview. Look and sound right for the job by helping the interviewer to continue the process. According to research conducted, almost 40% of the hiring managers decide their final candidates during the first 2 minutes of the interview. So your first impression can create your best impression.

7) Dress in a professional Manner:

According to the survey, more than the 30% of the candidates were eliminated because they did dress professionally.

8) Turn your phone off:

It is important to turn off your mobile phone before you enter the interview location.

9) Maintain a confident posture:

Maintain a confident posture by sitting straight and maintain an eye contact. You do not have to stare at the person you are interviewing but make sure you maintain good eye contact.

10) Questions to ask once the interview is over:

Some interviewers give a chance for the candidates to ask questions. In this case, you ask questions related to growth prospects, career advancements within the company. In this way, you can find more about the organisation.

11) Always say thank you before you leave the interview location.

These are some of the best interview tips to prepare for the interview and get your dream job.



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