How To Prepare For Behavioral Interview?

Behavioral Interview is the most critical part of any interview process for any organization. According to the research, more than 80% of interview decisions are based on these questions. Behavioral Interview Questions are entirely based on the candidate’s past behavior because the past performance is the best way to predict future performance.

how to prepare for behavioral interview

The main purpose of a Behavioural interview is to test the below criteria:

1) Ability to handle stress in difficult situations
2) Adaptability which means how well an employee can adjust to the changes in the organization.
3) Analytical and problem-solving ability in tough situations
4) Attention to detail when solving the problem.
5) Client Focus, which means how well you can handle an irate client who is not at all happy with your service.
6) Communication skills are very important because these skills show how well you can communicate your ideas during tough deadlines.
7) Creativity skills that predict how well you think outside-the-box to come up with awesome solutions to any problem.
8) Decision-making skills while completing a tough project.
9) Goal setting when it comes to setting professional goals.
10) Taking Initiative is the first step in solving a tough problem. It checks how well a candidate takes the initiative in difficult situations.
11) Integrity and honesty of the candidates when they deliver the project to the client.
12) Interpersonal skills that check how well a candidate can work with his co-worker who is very difficult to get along.
13) Leadership skills
14) Planning and Time Management
15) Sales and Negotiation skill with the end client.

Some of these criteria can help you to prepare well for an interview. So the important prediction of this interview is that if you are a great communicator and good time manager, worked well with your co-workers to meet deadlines in your previous job then you would also do well in your present job.

To crack and excel in the behavioral interview you should be prepared for giving specific examples that relate to your previous performance history to prove your skills and abilities. The person who takes the interview can also probe into your negative experiences so you must ready to relate how well you have handled difficult situations.

Behavioral Interview questions keep changing depending on the skillset and knowledge needed for a particular position. There are no right and wrong answers for this type of questions.

But if you can anticipate the variety of questions that you will be asked you can be prepared with the help of mock interviews. It is also a good idea to study the company history by visiting the website and getting to know more about the organization.

Another excellent approach is to review the list of previous behavioral questions asked in the company so that you can prepare yourself well. You can find this data online and network with ex-employees of the same company.

After you get this data, you can develop your responses in the form of short stories that present your actions in challenging situations. So it is a good idea to practice the responses in front of a mirror to check your body language. So prepare the answers until you become confident to answer similar questions in the interview.

Many interviewers use STAR technique to conduct this interview. The full form of STAR is Situation, Task, Action and Result.

So the best way to answer any Behavioural Interview question should also be a STAR format.

Situation: It is nothing but the recent challenge and situation you found yourself in your previous job.

Task: What was the task you performed in that condition.

Action: What was the action you took to resolve that situation.

Results: What were the outcomes of your action you took and how it has impacted the overall performance.

Best ways to answer Behavioral Questions:

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These are some of the methods to excel the Behavioural Interview. But the most important aspect in cracking this interview is practice till you become perfect with the help of mock interviews.

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