How To Retain Employees In An Organization?

Below are some ways to find, recruit, hire and keep the best employees in any organization:

  1. Determine the staffing needs
  2. Search for Candidates
  3. Select the right people
  4. Organize staff development
  5. Motivate your employees

All the above points are explained in detail:

1) Determine the staffing needs

Start searching for people before even you need them. By gathering the list of excellent people in advance, you can complete the hiring more quickly. This strategy ensures that you can hire better people instantly.

2)Search for Candidates:

Start Hiring foreign and out of state or out of city workers so that you can have access entire world of talent.

3) Select the right people:

Whenever you choose people, make sure that they have the right skills like:
A) Ability to work in a team structure
B) Ability to make decisions and solve problems
C) Someone with the capacity to communicate with people inside and outside the organization.
D) Someone with the potential to plan, organize and prioritize work.
E) Ability to obtain and process information.
F) Ability to analyze quantitative data
G) Technical knowledge related to the job.
H) Proficiency with computer software programs
I) The ability of employees to Influence others.

4) Organize staff development:

These are five questions that help leaders get to know their top talent and find right assignments and opportunities for employees:
A) What are your proudest achievements and biggest disappointments? Why?
B) What activities energize you and drain you?
C) How would you rank the following rewards: financial, gain, power, and influence, lifestyle, affiliation, intellectual challenge, competence, recognition?
D) If you die tomorrow what would you want your legacy to be?
E) What is your five-year career goal? If you do not have one, what your best guess?

5) Motivate your employees:

A) Pay your employees well:
If you want to get the best talent, then you have to pay above the market value. Talented people are expensive
B) Don’t forget about bonuses:
Retention bonuses have become a top concern for many organizations. This strategy is highly essential for top performers and employees in high demand skills.
C) Offer a growth opportunity to your employees and not just good salary:
Give them real projects to work. Make sure that your workers are on the right team with the right leader.


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