Layoff Notice: How to deal with a sudden layoff?

Layoff notice is delivered to the departments that are not required in the business or organization. Most of these Layoff notices in America is very unexpected because they could happen suddenly because of budget constraints or if a particular employee’s services are no longer needed in the company.

It is tough to cope with stress and unemployment once you get a layoff notice. So dealing with stress and staying focused on finding a new job is very tough.

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Here are practical ways handle stress during a sudden layoff notice:

1) Unemployment Benefits:

Check to see if you are eligible for unemployment benefits. These benefits can help you for a particular time till you get back on the job.

2) Resume:

You can update your resume with the new experience gained at the current employer and latest accomplishments. Post your latest resume on the various job sites like monster, career builder, dice.

3) Control your emotions:

You are likely to experience shock, panic and because all your dreams to grow in life were shattered. It is essential to manage your emotions and seek counseling and psychological support from the people whom you trust.

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4) Regain Control:

Try to get back your control by writing down your feelings on a paper. You can write about how you were laid off and how you were treated in your company. Once you finished writing, you can tear the paper into pieces and throw them into a dustbin.
Keep repeating the process until your anger is diminished. This approach is much better instead of showing your anger at the workplace. It is much better to leave the company with a better note rather than leaving the company with a serious remark. Always try to avoid talking regarding the layoff with your colleagues because the matter could get even worse.

5) Monthly bills:

Check all your monthly bills and pay what is necessary to pay. It is necessary to cut expenses down for a couple to months till you get a new job. Eliminate your monthly payments on luxuries like cable television, avoid eating outside food, cancel your magazine, newspaper and online subscriptions with immediate effect. This process could overcome a little bit of your burden on financial aspects.

6) Move on in Life:

Allow yourself to regret, but move on in life without wasting too much of emotional energy and time. It is critical to be realistic and accept the facts rather than complaining about them. Just as employees move on in life for better opportunities, they should be prepared for layoffs also.

7) Tap your opportunities:

Start building your contact list with trustworthy seniors, co-workers and family friendly whom you think could help you with new opportunities.Start networking with everyone you know. Job portals and networking sites like LinkedIn could also assist you in your job search.

8) Keeping Applying:

Keep applying for new jobs daily till you see the result. Never lose hope and never give up. You must always remain optimistic and hope for the best.

9) Update your knowledge:

It is always to good to keep educating yourself on new concepts and build your expertise in your field. Spend some time with your family so that you can stay motivated.

10) Get your documents ready:

Gather all your references and recommendation letters so that you can submit these documents during the interview. Keep building your portfolio with the new skill sets.

11) Create a daily action plan:

Create a daily action plan in your journal with specific time slots for each activity such as networking, reaching new employers, writing cover letters and sending out resumes to these new companies. Stay connected with your friends in the same boat so that you can exchange some ideas and new possibilities. Also do not neglect include activities like exercise, yoga and meditation in your daily action plan. It is also important to get out of the house and visit the library or a nearby park for a walk to stay motivated. Spending too much time at home can lead to frustration and depression.

12) Accept the reality:

Sometimes you may get an offer that pays lower than your previous job. If this opportunity can pay some of your bills, you must not step back because you could still get a promotion in your new company after working for a couple of years. Another best option to start your own small business if you already have enough experience.

13) Look at Layoff as an Opportunity:

A Layoff notice can ruin the dreams of employees working in multinational corporations. With the help of smart work and following some of the above strategies, you can save yourself after you receive Layoff notice in any company. 


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