Signs of Workplace Bullying

According to American Psychology Association studies revealed that an evil and the bullying boss can make employees sick. For 75% of Americans, bosses are the primary cause of stress at work.

Signs of workplace bullying

Statistics also show that the employees get used to their jobs despite the fact that they are unhappy with their employer due to workplace bullying. So they do not resign and search for a healthier work environment that could improve their situation.

Many researchers from Stanford University revealed that stress and bullying at work can be as harmful to the health as the smoke from cigarettes. The main reason for this kind of stress for most employees is the risk of losing their jobs.

Employees in the demanding jobs are expected to deliver more than what is possible can also increase their health problems by 40%.So it is essential to identify whether you are the victim of Workplace bullying.

To recognize that you are a victim of workplace bullying you need to understand what is workplace bullying and what is not workplace bullying.

These are some of the signs which state that are that you are not the victim of Workplace bullying:

1) When the employer is just enforcing the workplace policies and procedures.

2) The employer is just evaluating the performance of employees.

3) Your boss is just providing a valuable and productive feedback.

4) When your manager denies your leave requests for a good reason.

5) When your employer is discussing a disciplinary action in the private room.

6) When your boss is suspending and dismissing for few days for strong reasons related to your performance in your work.

These are some of the signs which state that you are the victim of Workplace bullying:

1) When your employer Intentionally ignores and isolates you from other team members, then there is a problem. You are eliminated and separated from group meetings, discussions, and in the decision-making process without any reasons.

2) When your employer is manipulating your roles by removing responsibilities without any justification is also a bad sign.

3) When your boss is constantly giving unreasonable and unjustified criticisms and make you feel that you are unworthy is again a bad sign.

4) When your employer is making False accusations on you without any reasons.

5) Shouting and yelling at employees without any reasons is also bad.

6) Making offensive jokes and commenting verbally just to make fun.

7) When your employer is blocking the requests for leave, promotion and training are also bad signs.

8) Spreading harmful rumors and gossips on you just for the purpose of defaming you.

9) When your employer is threatening to fire you from your job without strong reasons.

10) When you feel that there is work interference when your boss is preventing the work from getting done.

Workplace bullying results in the lack of sleep and poor sleep lead to health problems. So it is critical to identify whether you are the victim of Workplace bullying at the initial stages before the situation goes out of control.

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