9 Signs You Are Burnt Out At Work

Burning out at the workplace could mean the feeling of physical and emotional exhaustion because of stress from working with people under challenging and demanding conditions. Burnout in the workplace can lead anger, frustration, cold, headache and fever.

Burn Out Symptoms And Recovery

Workplace stress is a major concern in any industry. As the competition increases among the companies, indirect pressure on the employees also increases.

According to a survey, 50% of the Americans experienced increased stress over the past four years. 30% of the employees working in the corporates have a lot of difficulties in managing their work and family responsibilities.

Some of the warning you must watch out for when you feel burnt out because of high-stress levels:

1) Health Problems:

You will experience health problems like back pain, depression, obesity and headaches.

2) Memory Difficulties:

High-level stress can also impact your memory, decision-making abilities, emotionally weak and you might also lose focus. Whenever you make silly mistakes, forget important things, making poor decisions indicates that you are high stressed out.

3) Difficulty with personal relationships:

Stress makes people loose their cool and get involved in silly and unnecessary conflicts.

4) Taking the workplace headaches home along with you:

Allways thinking about only work even at home is strong signal that you are burning out.

5) Negative Emotions:

Whenever you find yourself focusing on the downside of situations and judging others for small reasons, it is a clear indication that you have started to think negatively.

6) Decreased Motivation:

During the burnt out face, you begin to lose motivation to execute even smaller tasks. You will even start to miss your important deadlines.

7) Performance issues in the workplace:

Even high performers at the work might observe a decrease in their month by month performance levels.

8) Losing Self Control:

Whenever you experience burnout, you will lose self-control, and you will get tempted more easily to make wrong decisions. You will have low confidence and motivation levels.

9) Not Spending time with your co-workers:

Usually burnt out employees tend to stay away from company events such as birthday parties, festival gathering events because they lose interest in building their network.

Some of the ways of fight burnout:

1) Take some time to relax:

It is crucial to schedule your relaxation period after work at home at least for 30 minutes and meditate for some time.

2) Have deep sleep:

You definitely need adequate and quality sleep to reduce stress and avoid burnout.

3) Get Organised:

Try to get organised by making a list of your daily tasks. Complete the tough ones first and easy tasks later.

4) Take regular breaks every 30 minutes:

Taking regular breaks and focusing on work will increase your productivity and performance at the workplace.

5) Keep in touch with your best friends and your family members:

Whenever you are stressed and burnt out, you tend to stay away from everyone. You must always avoid this because even your close friends can help you get out stress and they might give you best solutions to overcome the situations.

Burning at work is very common in large enterprises, so it is important to find best solutions to come out of the stressful situations and increase your productivity at the workplace.

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