Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Quitting jobs frequently is not always the right solution.In today’s competition, there are less number of jobs and a higher number of applications. Most of the applicants pick up the difficult jobs because they have to pay their bills, and they have no choice.

Signs To Quit Your Job

Here are few things to recognize the whether or not you landed in right job with the right company.

1) You are always thinking about your job responsibilities:

It is not a good practice to work seven days a week without any break. You must consider at least one day off in a week for clearing up your mind and relax at home.

Most of the people come back home and start thinking about something that went wrong in their office, and they replay their frustrations the had in their office. This kind of thinking could seriously affect your quality of life at home.

2) You are always complaining about your work:

If you are not at all happy with your job, then you will always end up complaining about your job to your friends and family.
You might feel that you are sharing your bad experiences, and you feel good, but it would reduce your mental strength. You might even end up feeling depressed.

3) Social events with your co-workers do not seem to be fun:

If your job is stressing you so much, then even social events with your coworkers will make uncomfortable, and you will always feel like avoid them.

4) You thoughts about your workplace are extremely negative:

If you are getting too negative thoughts about your work such as you would never get promoted at the workplace, and your salary would never be increased then, it is the right time to take a tough decision.

5) You are experiencing too many health problems:

If you are very much depressed about your work, then you might encounter health problems such as stomach pain, headaches, fever, etc. Your immune system is more susceptible to cold, cough and fever and several other health related issues.

6) You never feel like getting up from your bed:

If your job is miserable, you will never feel like getting up from your bed. Stress at workplace makes you sleep for a longer time.

7) You always feel irritated for small issues:

You will start losing patience, and you will get irritated for unimportant things in life.

8) You call your employer and tell that you are not feeling well just to stay back at home:

If you job is the primary cause of all your mental problems, then you would surely feel like staying back at home.

9) You do not care about your work performance and productivity anymore:

When you start procrastinating at work, postpone you job duties to the next day, you are very careless about your job these are clear indications that you have lost interest in your work.

These are some signals and implications which state you are not in the right job, and you must move on in life by finding a better job and career for yourself. In many companies, there are so many employees who are in this situation, but they feel helpless because of their family situation, and they had to pay bills to survive.



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