7 Stress Warning Signs And Symptoms

Identifying Stress Warning Signs at the initial stage can save you from getting into depression and anxiety. The modern workplace is full of frustrations, deadlines, and targets to reach. For many employees, stress has become a way of life.

Workplace Stress within the limits can keep you perform under pressure and keep you motivated. But when the pressure becomes difficult to manage, it can damage your health, relationships and quality of life.

You can save yourself by recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress and take the right steps to reduce its adverse effects.You must realize these symptoms in the initial stages before the pressure gets impossible to manage.

Stress Warning Signs And Symptoms

Here are some of the symptoms of stress and Stroke:

1) Physical Symptoms:

A) headaches
B) indigestion
C) stomach aches
D) sweaty palms
E) cold hands and feet
F) dizziness
G) easily fatigued
H) muscle tension
I) back pain
J)racing heart
K)shallow breathing
L) restlessness
M)ringing in the ears
N) constipation
O) diarrhea
P) Sleep difficulties
Q) Tiredness

2) Behavioral Symptoms

A) excess smoking
B) bossiness
C) eating too little or too much
D) critical attitude of others
E) short-tempered
F) procrastination
G) sleeping too much or too little
H) driving too fast
I) grinding of teeth
J) overuse of alcohol
K) inability to finish tasks
L) nail biting
M) fidgety

3)Emotional Symptoms

A) bothered by unimportant things
B) nervousness, anxiety
C) boredom
D) edginess
E) irritable
F) feeling “burned out.”
G) feeling powerless
H) crying easily
I) overwhelming pressure
J) anger
K) loneliness
L) unhappiness, depression
M) moodiness
N) feeling helpless

4) Cognitive Symptoms

A) trouble thinking clearly
B) the difficulty with concentration, focus
C) forgetfulness
D) lack of creativity
E) expecting too much from others
F) inability to make decisions
G) constant worry
H) loss of humor
I) being self-critical
J) being pessimistic

5) Working odd hours in different time zones and struggling to meet your deadlines; you have become cautious about your health and avoid brain stroke. Usually, a brain stroke takes place when a blood vessel that carries oxygen to the brain is either obstructed by a blood clot or it just burst which can prove fatal.

6) The brain stroke warning applies to several people with highly stressed jobs including techies working in multinational companies. Most of these techies take alcohol, smoking, and junk food to cope with work-related problems. These lifestyles can also result in brain stroke.

7) Chief reasons for stroke include smoking, high blood pressure, Obesity, diabetes, and excess alcohol intake. The symptoms of stroke include unsteadiness or loss of balance, difficulty speaking or finding the right words, trouble understanding small problems, vision becoming weak and severe headache whenever a stroke occurs.

These are some of the stress warning signs you must be aware of before the situation goes out of control.


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