What Are Steps Involved In The Recruitment Process?

Finding a right candidate for a particular job is a very challenging for any company. Any mistake made during the hiring process can lead to the high attrition rate within the Organisation.

You have to find a candidate who has necessary skills, education, Capable, Compatible, who gives a commitment, good character, fits your company culture and matches your compensation that a particular company offers.

Choosing The Right Candidate For The Job

Having a full recruitment strategy in place can not only eliminate attrition but could increase the bottom-line profit of any organization.Below is the step by step process you can follow to get the right candidate for a particular job.

Step 1: Analyzing the requirement:

A) Study the Roles and Responsibilities

B) Recognize the list of Required skills

C) List the desired or preferred skills which are nice to have but not compulsory.

D) Check out the Industry background. Most clients prefer to hire the candidates from the same industry.

E) Recognize the Education and Graduation requirements.

F) You can find more details of a particular technology in Google.

G) You must also check whether the position is permanent or contract.

H) Also check for the compensation related to a salary range, bonus, and benefits of the company.

Step 2: Client Research is critical in finding the right candidate. Below are few details you must look for in a client when doing the research:

A) What are the products and services the client offers? Do some research on the company’s products and services in detail.

B) Who are their customers and how do they make money?

C) Where are they headquartered and located?

D) What is the size of the company and approximate turnover and revenue of the organization?

E) What are their strengths?

F) Finally, you can do some google search on the company to get some additional information. Check if there are any recent articles on product launches of that company. Wikipedia and linkedIn are the excellent sources.

Step 3: Preparing the search strategy:

A) Make sure that you submit a right candidate within the first 15 minutes of receiving the requirement.

B) Do a location-based search to find a candidate within the a 30-mile radius of the job location. You can use the pin code of the company for this purpose.

C) You can search for the candidates based on the skills required for the job. Focus mainly on the required skills for a particular job.

Step 4: Searching the Job Boards: You can look for the candidates in following job boards which are very popular:

A) Career Builder

B) Monster.com

C) Dice.com

Step 5: Screening the resumes is essential to find the right candidate:

A) For IT positions, ensure that a candidate should not have more than six months gap between the jobs.

B) Check whether the candidates last two jobs are related to the current job requirements.

C) Check if his skills mentioned in his resume reflect in project description and job responsibilities.

D) Check whether the candidate has sent his latest resume with the updated skills.

E) Check if the candidate is local. Is the candidate willing to relocate if he is not local?

F) Check with the candidate about his current job role whether it is a temporary or permanent position.

G) Also check with candidate what kind of jobs he is looking for?

These are some best ways to screen and choose a candidate in the recruitment process and submit the right candidate for the right job.

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