Workplace Politics: How To Manage Politics In The Workplace ?

Workplace politics refers to the ridiculous behaviour of an individual against his team member to spoil his image and reputation at the workplace. Office politics is something which is not in our control. In every company, you find people who are involved in politics to make their position secure at the workplace.

How To Manage Politics In The Workplace

These are some of the reasons why employees are involved in politics.

A) Gain more attention and win appreciation from their seniors in the company.
B) Get along with deadlines without doing much hard work.
C) Save his job at his workplace
D) Earn more respect and rewards at his work location
E) Employees also engage in office politics to reap financial, emotional rewards.
F) A desire for power and ability to abandon ethics and integrity to receive what they want.

Changing jobs frequently because of office politics is not a right solution. Every employee in the organisation must know how to deal with politics in their workplace.

Below are some best ways to manage office politics:

1) Forgive and Forget: If you are the victim of office politics, then you can address the issue with your reporting manager, shake hands with him move on with your life. Bearing grudges against them and disputing with them would only damage your reputation.

2) Never get involved in any controversies at the workplace. It is much better to avoid unnecessary disputes and conflicts.

3) It is important to concentrate on your work rather than interfering in other people’s life and work.

4) Never find faults in others. Try your best to help your teammates whenever needed and never give anyone wrong suggestions.

5) It is essential to set a goal for yourself and stay focused. Never let anyone influence you and affect your performance at work.

6) Never spread rumours against any person in the workplace. It is much better to discuss issues face to face with the person rather than talking bad about that person from behind. Stop criticising others always look for positive in every person.

7) Always hold back your temper at the workplace and speak politely with everyone in the office. Never use harsh language which could hurt others at your work location.

8) Never depend on verbal communication. Make a habit by communicating through emails and keep your boss in the loop in all types of communication.

9) Never react to small issues when someone play politics because it is the hard work that pays off in the long run. Any employee who is playing politics might get instant recognition and fame but he would be fired from the organisation if he does not perform well at the job location or does not the required skillset.

10) If you team mate is complaining your boss by making personal remarks against you, then is this case, you can make sure that all your achievements are documented and saved in a safe place before you speak to your boss.

Dealing with workplace politics can be very frustrating and in some cases, it could also lead to depression when your job is very necessary for your livelihood. Quitting your job because of office politics in not a solution to your problem. Always come up with new ways to manage office politics.



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